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Facebook likes, only those who have many followers in social networks can advertise their goods and services there. Buying Facebook Likes is a great way to increase the reach or start targeted campaigns. The more Likes you have, the higher your offer in the ranking and we have shown accordingly often. But always make sure that the number of followers is believable. Buy Facebook Likes is Equal to Buy with Facebook Fans.

Buy Facebook Page Likes

Many companies expressly advertise that they sell FB page likes. The reason for this is that every Facebook user can see which country the likes come from. If you are based in USA and you have mainly Liker from abroad, potential customers are quickly suspicious. You should therefore only buy USA Facebook Likes. Your credibility is increasing and you have the choice between different options. You can buy FB Page Likes that are sorted by country and language. Buying Facebook Page Likes is initially somewhat more expensive, if you want to appear reputable, the higher edition is worthwhile. You can also buy Facebook photo likes or FB Post Likes…

Facebook Likes, but with caution

Before you start a campaign with purchased Likes, look closely at the service provider. Follows coming from poorer countries are many times cheaper than those who live in UK or USA. Always check the imprint and look at the contact page, where the seat of the provider is. Also advantageous is when they provide you with a selection of some package criteria. These are based on the product or service that you wish to market. Imagine that you regularly offer concert tickets of young artists, which are mainly purchased by young people. If you have 50% of the Liker from Australia and if they are more than 50 years old, you will not believe it.

Constant dripping wears away the stone

This is also the case if you want to buy Facebook Likes. The leaders of PEGIDA suddenly had more than 15,000 Likes overnight and had to accept the mocking of their opponents. Buying FB Page likes also means that you have the followers well dosed, so let in small steps. This is particularly true if you are still unknown and only recently published your performance. Good providers provide you with special programs. The fan curve will only slowly but continuously go upwards. This is done until the order volume is reached. It’s different when you buy Facebook Likes that are linked to a contest. Then the curve can rise faster and you still seem credible.

Buying Facebook Likes is not illegal

Again and again there are accusations from competitors, if they suspect that you use on your side bought Likes. If you buy the Facebook Likes, you do not even have to worry about protracted processes. It is sufficient if a competitor proves and publishes the procedure. They are known more quickly than you like. Take care of a stable and natural fan set-up.

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